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Cedar Fence Boards

Our fence boards are full 3/4" thick. This thicker board means less resistance to splitting and twisting, and older slow growth boards have a tighter grain to prevent shrinkage.

1x4 Cedar Fence Boards

1x4 Cedar Fence Boards1x4 Cedar Fencing is a common and economical fencing option. We offer full 3/4" thick Western Red Cedar fencing, which resists cracking and twisting better than 5/8" thick boards.

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1x6 Cedar Fence Boards

1x6 Cedar Fence Boards1x6 Cedar Fencing is a common fence option for it's simple, yet versatile design and reduced installation time over 1x4 fencing.

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1x6 Cedar Dog Eared Fencing

1x6 Cedar Dog Eared FencingThe Solid Dog Ear style of wood fence can be constructed with no spaces between the pickets or with a space of your choice.