We Help You Make Fence Building Easy

Customers build fences for many reasons – Some are designed for privacy, others are to define property boundaries or to keep little critters in or out. Different styles of fencing can add to the look of your home and enhance the overall aesthetic. Read below about some of our most popular fencing materials and styles to find out which one works best for your dream yard.

Need inspiration? Check out our fence gallery for photos of customer fencing projects here

Custom Designed Fence

Most fences are constructed with three basic elements: post, rails and infill material. Posts run vertically and create each “section” of the fence line, rails run horizontally between each post and are supported by the posts. You typically find them at the top and bottom of each section.

The infill is where you have a little more room to play around with your design: your boards can go vertically or horizontally, can have flat tops or ones with shapes such as pointed or dogeared, and can be laid in various patterns depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

To learn more about fence basics, read more here.

Pre-Built Panels

  Privacy fences and walls are great when you live on a busy street or are surrounded by noisy neighbors. Using Pre-Built Cedar Panels makes fence building simple as most of the work is already done for you! Due to cedar’s natural ability to resist rot, insects and moisture, pre-built panels require very little maintenance yet can be stained to match your homes aesthetic. 

Fraserview Cedar Products Pre-Built Fence Panels are made with three Western Red Cedar 2″ x 4″ back rails for maximum stability and durability. They also use 1×6 pickets with “no-hole” to eliminate any warp. To learn more about Fraserview Panels, visit them here.

Split Rail

While it may not allow for much security (except for maybe keeping in a few large livestock who don’t know any better,) building a Cedar split rail fence is a great way to define property lines. Due to it’s simple design, a split rail fence is easy to install on uneven terrain. The rustic look of split rail fits right in in the countryside but can also act as a statement piece in your neighborhood.
Naturally resistant to rot, insects, and moisture, Cedar split rail is an extremely low-maintenance option that is relatively easy to install yet will last longer than your house.

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