Benefits of a Sauna Right at Home

Choosing the correct species of lumber when building a sauna is incredibly important due to the high heat and moisture. Western Red Cedar boasts many important qualities that make it an essential choice for use in a sauna’s hot and humid environment.

Not only is Western Red Cedar naturally resistant to rot and decay due to its natural oils and extractives, it also:
– Has a low shrinkage rate which means it will stay straight even with prolonged use
– Has a high insulation value which helps capture heat inside for better circulation
– Easily suppresses and absorbs sound to create a comfortable and private ambiance.

Using a sauna isn’t just about warmth or relaxation. Studies have shown that the consistent use of a sauna boasts many health benefits such as improved heart health, decreased blood pressure, detoxification and fat loss.

For years we have worked with Finlandia Sauna to offer our customers all the materials and accessories they need to build their own sauna at home. Once you have the specs and design ready, we can help you with everything from roofing, siding, and framework to infrared heaters, thermostats, light covers and more.

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