Create a Unique Look with the Unmistakable Appearance of Pine

Ceiling, Trim & Walls

Pine paneling can be used on virtually any surface in your home such as ceilings and walls. The knotty wood grain look creates a rustic atmosphere that replicates a cozy cabin in the woods or ski lodge in the mountains.
Due to its easy workability, pine is often used as trim and floorboards around doors, windows, and ceilings. A clear coat is often the only finishing needed when used indoors so that the natural knotty look remains dominant. However, when used with a wood conditioner pine takes to other stains and paints well, giving you the option to customize your look.


Many pieces of furniture that have been passed down from generation to generation are made of pine. Woodworkers both new and seasoned find it to be easy to work with when making pieces such as dressers, chairs, tables, cabinets and more.
Pine furniture is best suited for use indoors as it is susceptible to rot from moisture. In addition, pine can easily be damaged by heat and UV rays. If your furniture will be used outdoors, it’s best to keep it covered under a sunshade or awning and use a waterproof sealant.


The colors present in unfinished pine boards can vary from yellows and reds to lighter brown tones which add rich warmth and color to your home. In addition, the darker knots add character and dimension. Over time, the wood will darken as it ages, bringing out different variations of colors.
Because pine is a softwood, it will show more dents and dings more easily than hardwood flooring. If used as flooring, a sealant should be used to protect the boards.

Plywood & Framing

Due to its availability and lower price point, plywood and framing lumber is often made of pine. Though it is classified as a softwood, Pine is still durable and rigid enough to be an excellent building material.
Unfortunately, pine is more likely to get damaged than other woods and, as mentioned above, is susceptible to moisture, heat and UV rays. If using pine in these conditions, pressure treated pine should be used.

Sound Cedar Lumber does not carry plywood or pressure treated pine. This is just an example of its uses. If you’re looking for a pressure treated option suitable for framing, check out our Pressure Treated Hem-Fir.