Budget-Friendly Pressure Treated HemFir for Your High Traffic Projects

When using lumber in outside applications, it’s important to take into account the amount of moisture the lumber will come into contact with. Different materials have different resistance to rot/decay. Products like Western Red Cedar have a natural resistance to moisture, but the price point of WRC may not be budget friendly.
Pressure treated lumber is infused with preservatives to prevent rot and insect damage to lumber that may otherwise be susceptible. Different products may use different chemicals, but the overall process is usually the same. Lumber is immersed in a water-based chemical bath of the preservatives, then naturally or kiln-dried to evaporate the water, which leaves the preservatives.

Pacific Hemfir has a natural durability and strength that is increased once pressure treated. Using pressure treated HemFir in high-traffic areas like decking, bridges and other outdoor spaces increases their lifespan.
Pressure treated Hemfir can also be stained or sealed to increase the protection of the product and enhance natural colors.

The natural stiffness of Pacific HemFir makes it an excellent choice for projects that have load bearing requirements. Many consumers prefer Pacific HemFir timbers in horizontal applications that require longer lengths. When pressure treated, these timbers work great in bridges, and exposed outdoor beams. Pressure treated HemFir can also be used indoors, especially in areas that may see more moisture or heat like kitchens and bathrooms.

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