Use Western Red Cedar in all Aspects of Your Home

It’s no secret that we specialize in Western Red Cedar (WRC) – it’s right there in our name! When you’ve worked with as many materials as we have over the years, you just learn what works. Read on to find out why we deem this material as the best choice for decking, fencing, indoors and more! If you’re curious to learn more about Western Red Cedar, click here to visit the Real Cedar website.

Western Red Cedar Deck from

Cedar Decking

WRC is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect attacks. This means replacing random rotten boards in your deck is a thing of the past!

No matter where you’re at in the building process, working with Cedar makes things much easier. Boards lay straight and flat which make it easy to fit each one in place. In addition, the lightweight nature of the material means you won’t have to break your back lugging pieces around your yard or worksite.

WRC has a low density which gives it a high thermal insulating value. This value means your deck is safer for bare feet and pets during summer months when decks can get really hot.

Cedar Siding

A lot of synthetic siding alternatives on the market today boast about their ability to “mimic wood grain” textures. Try as they might, these products just can’t compare to the real thing.

WRC is naturally pitch and resin free. This allows it to take to stains, oils, paints and finishes exceptionally well – making your options for color virtually limitless.

Upon installation your home will be upgraded with the natural warmth and beauty of WRC. Later on, if that doesn’t suit the look you’re going for, changing it is easy! Unlike synthetic materials, this natural product can be restored and refinished once it’s color fades, giving you the chance to change the color or just freshen it up.

The thermal properties of Cedar will also help conserve energy by keeping warm air in during the cold months, and cold air in during those where temperatures may be scorching.


There are many options when it comes to adding Cedar to the interior of your home. Exposed beams can add a subtle, natural warmth while also fulfilling its structural purpose. WRC also takes fasteners easily without splitting which makes it perfect for hanging fixtures and accents.

In large, open spaces, the acoustical properties of WRC can help dampen sound or aid in confining it to certain areas. Adding Cedar paneling to ceilings, walls, or floors will help in places like high-ceiling living rooms, game rooms, kids’ playrooms, and lofts.

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Using WRC to build your outdoor structure provides all the qualities mentioned above and more. With its natural ability to resist rot and decay, worrying about too much moisture isn’t an issue. This makes it an ideal option in wet areas like the PNW, or in applications where it is in contact with the ground (like fencing.)

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