Wrap Your Home in Strong, Eye-Catching Curb Appeal

Allura makes it easy to create the perfect aesthetic while also providing your home with protection from the elements, rot, and fire damage. Choose from many color options and styles to create your ideal look.

Our best-selling Allura product, Allura Lap Siding comes in 2 textures: Traditional and Smooth. Traditional texture adds a deep, realistic, wood grain while the Smooth texture gives off a cleaner, modern look.

Allura panels let you add beauty and design throughout every surface on your home, like windows and porch ceilings. They come in 4 different variations including Traditional 8″ Groove Vertical Panel, Traditional Vertical Panel, Smooth Vertical Panel, or a Stucco Vertical Panel.

Allura Shakes are easy-to-install and work great in both large and small areas. Available in 25 colors, and 8 styles, you can truly customize every inch of your homes’ appearance.

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