Choose the Right Lumber for Every Project

Purchasing the right type of lumber can have a huge impact on the overall structural integrity, design, and outcome of your project. Different types of wood are meant for different applications and not all wood is the same. Read below for information on some of our most popular types of lumber.

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is one of the most common wood species in American Forests and is ideal for projects where strength is needed for a structural purpose such as pergolas, outdoor kitchens or covered areas.



Light-weight and durable, Pine is easily workable with both hand and machine tools. It comes at a lower price-point than most other woods, but is most suitable for indoor applications, or in areas where moisture won’t be an issue.

Japanese Cedar

Like most cedars, Japanese Cedar is light and resistant to rot. Japanese Cedar boards tend to have more knots which can make using tools a little difficult, but overall is very workable. Common uses of Japanese Cedar are ceiling boards, furniture, pillars, fences and many indoor applications.

Alaska Yellow Cedar

Alaska Yellow Cedar is known for being extremely durable and tight grained. Like its Western Red counterpart, Alaska Yellow Cedar is resistant to rot, decay, insects and weather. Alaska Yellow Cedar can be used both indoors and out, in structural applications, trim, decking, siding and more.
Due to availability, we do not currently stock AYC at Sound Cedar, but do have the option of getting AYC Timbers and boards from some of our suppliers.

Pressure Treated Hemlock Fir

Pressure Treated Hemlock Fir is a more budget-friendly option. By infusing the lumber with preservatives, the material becomes resistant to rot and insect damage.
This wood can be used in many construction projects both indoor and outdoor, especially ones where water or moisture may be an issue such as decks and fencing.

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